May 23, 2011

Fuji-Ginkei ( a Japanese inn in Kawaguchiko area)

I highly recommend "Fuji-Ginkei" if you come to Kawaguchiko with your family. This contemporary Japanese style inn is currently undergone a renovation. Each guest room and the open-air bath have aesthetic views of Mt. Fuji. It features beautifully arranged delicious cuisine cooked with fine seasonal ingredients. The friendly staff welcome you with a smile and offer excellent hospitality.

Beautiful scenery from the open-air bath.

From the room...

From the restaurant.

All rooms have tatami-mat floor. You can enjoy lying on tatami like we do. (So confortable!)

This is the best Fuji-kawaguchiko area's B&B (actually it's not B&B, though) in "Tripadvisor".

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