Jun 16, 2016

How to eat "Shingen-mochi" (not "Mizu Shingen-mochi")

Shingen-mochi is one of the delicious local sweets of Yamanashi prefecture.

This is my own way to eat it.

Untie the wrap.

Separate the brown sugar syrup and the mochi cup.
Turn the cup upside down to throw off the extra roasted soybean flour.

Put the syrup on mochi.

Be sure to eat them before becoming hard.
So yummy!

Dec 6, 2015

Safety barrier has set up behind the Chureito pagoda

Have you visited Chureito pagoda? This place is quite famous for its BEAUTIFUL scenery.

When you take pictures of the pagoda and Mt. Fuji, you should climb up on the stone wall behind the pagoda. That surface is sloping and slippery, so Fujiyoshida city has set up a safety barrier on the wall.  But the view from there has not changed.

Please come and enjoy the scenery!!!

Mainichi Shinbun

Aug 18, 2015