Jun 26, 2011

Today's Mt. Fuji

After karaoke on 17th, I got a cold....high fever, running nose, bad cough, etc. I have been in a bed for a week so I had to cancel my flight to Bangkok... (+_+) 

Anyway, Mt. Fuji climbing season starts in a few days.

Yoshida-route will open to the 8.5 stn. on July 1st. (as of June 21st)
The schedule might change after next research on 29th.

Shizuoka pref. announced the information of 3 other routes. (as of June 24th)

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Project Hyakumeizan said...

お大事に! Yes, I always suspected that karaoke is bad for the health; that's why I avoid it ...

Many thanks for the Fuji update.