May 23, 2011

Fuji-reien (Fuji Cemetery)

I have tried many times to write something about the 311 disaster. I still cannot believe what happened, though. Now I can say is "we are alive".

I went to "Fuji Cemetery" last week. It is located in Gotemba area in Shizuoka pref. It's well known about its beautiful gardens, which are very well maintained. When I went there, azaleas were almost in full bloom. Mt. Fuji was seen from there, but I think.... I know most Shizuoka people have counter opinion.... the shape of Mt. Fuji seen from Yamanashi-side is more beautiful!

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birdmonkey said...

It is hard to find something to say in the face of such loss. Glad you are posting again. I was worried for you and your family.