Apr 24, 2012

O-hanami 2012

I went to Arakura Sengen Shrine in Fujiyoshida city today.

It must be the most popular place for taking a "Mt. Fuji & sakura & pagoda" picture. The front cover picture of the 1st edition of Lonely Planet Discover Japan was taken at the exact same place.

But I am wondering when it was taken, because if it's April there must be more snow on Mt. Fuji....


JapanJim said...

Great picture!
I was in Japan in early April, but had to return home before the cherry blossoms hit their peak at Mt. Fuji (although I got plenty of cherry blossoms in Tokyo).
I wanted to take this exact picture to recreate one of my favorite Jpan pictures. (darn job making me come home to pay for the trip :) ).

This is a weird request, but I've been trying to get a picture like this to put on a customized credit card (just one for myself, not other people). If it is okay to use your picture, please let me know.

joforin Otaku said...

:) nice pic, it looks a bit different from the famous pic that taken a few year ago in the same spot