Oct 8, 2011


The hot and humid summer passed. In fall, we have local festivals (matsuri) here and there.  Today I went to Onshirin-matsuri.  (What is "Onshirin"?  Onshirin (恩賜林) is a forest site given by the Emperor of Japan.  A hundred years ago, this area was severely damaged by some typhoons and the Emperor decided to give us a part of national forest.  Currently, Onshirin associations are maintain the site.)

Today's festival was held at Onshirin garden in Fujiyoshida city.  This event is for people to become more familiar with wood and forest.  My bosses opened a booth of woodwork. My friend and I enjoyed watching chain-saw curving, trying woodwork, and having some foods (udon, yakisoba, yakitori, okonomiyaki, popcorn, etc).

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