Jun 28, 2011

Fuji-san (Mt.Fuji) Station (富士山駅)

Former Fujiyoshida station will change its name to "Fuji-san (Mt.Fuji) station". Why? Maybe Fujikyuko Co., Ltd. assumes that it will attract more people than ever. Press release is here.

Tozan bus for the 5th station of Mt. Fuji will serve from this station.

In my opinion, to change historical (Fujiyoshida sta. opened in 1929) name must be considered carefully. About 30 years ago, Kurechi (暮地) sta. in Fujikyuko-line changed to Kotobuki (寿) sta. It's because the caracter 暮地 resembles 墓地 (cemetery). (BTW, 寿 means "celebration", very opposite!) I bought a memorial ticket of 寿駅 then. But this time..... maybe I won't.

I took this picture a week ago.

Aren't you excited to see this torii-gate when you come here?

BTW, I often use this station building, because 無印良品 MUJI shop is in there. And the tourist information center in this station is very informative. If you get off the train at Fuji-san station, please visit there.

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