Dec 31, 2010

My first "Strawberry Cake"

It is the last day of this year....
I made a lot of sweets around this year.
And I wanted to close this year with my first "Strawberry Cake".
I know I'm no good at decorating cakes.... but, I'm sure it's delicious!

However, I was so surprised that this type of cake contains a LOT OF SUGAR in it! 100g for sponge cake, 150g for syrup, and 30g for fresh cream!!! Mmmmmmm..... better not to eat???

1 comment:

birdmonkey said...

Happy New Year! Enjoy your sugar rush!
I hope you dream of the beautiful Fuji-yama, Taka or eggplants or all three.

I love your blog- looking forward to reading this year.