Jul 3, 2010

Okuto (soba noodle restaurant)

I enjoyed soba (buckwheat noodle) yesterday. This restaurant is in Kofu city, a bit far from Fuji Five Lakes area though. As I am a big eater, I gobbled up this set meal (1,800yen) in a few minutes. It includes tempra, sashimi, chicken guts coated with sweet soy sauce (This dish is one of the Yamanashi's local specialties. Usually it is served at soba noodle restaurants in Yamanashi.), soba noodle, steamed soba & rice, and a slice of cantaloupe melon.

This restaurant first started to serve this menu about 60 years ago. Now it's getting popular and you can eat at most of any soba noodle restaurants in Yamanashi. Why don't you try this "tori-motsu-ni" when you come here?

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