May 5, 2010

Accidents, accidents.....

Japanese "Golden week " is coming to an end. Eventhough it's not the official climbing season of Mt. Fuji yet, some people tried to scale the highest peak of Japan during this holiday season.

A 44 y/o woman from Tokyo was found died at Tsubakuro-sawa near the 7th station of Mt. Fuji yesterday. Hidetaka Arai, 35 y/o from Nagoya, and Yoshiji Sugiyama, 70 y/o from Saitama, slipped down around the 8th station and were severly injured.

The owner of Sato-goya at the 5th station of Yoshida trail says that the weather of yesterday was clear, but the surface around the summit was very icy due to the rain of April 30th.

A helicopter was taking off close by me when I was at a bakery in Kawaguchiko town yesterday. The helicopter seemed to have carried one of them from Mt. Fuji.
Sannichi Shinbun