Apr 4, 2009

Fatal accident occured yesterday

Unfortunately, Fujiyoshida police found a body at Tsubakuro-sawa around the 6th station of Yoshida-guchi trail. A 24-y/o-Japanese-man from Tokyo was confirmed dead by his family. It was his 3rd winter climbing of Mt. Fuji this year, they said.
As I am showing in my website, April & May are the highest snow piled months of the year. (Maybe you can not see the chart now because my website's links are not working for maintainance for awhile...Sorry....) And the police announced that there were about 40 avalance-prone slopes on Yamanashi side of Mt. Fuji, which includes Yoshida-guchi and Kawaguchiko-guchi trails.
Even if you are an experienced climber, I don't think it's a good idea to climb Mt. Fuji out of official climbing season.