Oct 21, 2008

I love bread!

For my health, I am trying to eat the breads made with wild yeast. There are some "GREAT" bakeries around lake Kawaguchi.

1. BIO http://www17.ocn.ne.jp/~bio/

My favorite are these three... pain de campagne, basil&cheese, and fruits&nuts. And I love Mr. & Mrs. Ishimoto, the owner of this bakery!

2. La Boulangerie http://www.laboulangerie.jp/

My favorite are sweet Danish pastries and "fougasse"!!!! This fougasse is soooo delicious! These are not wild yeast breads, though..... Chiaki-chan, the owner, is a very cheerful and sweet girl. I sometimes go there just for chatting with her! Sorry to bother you, Chiaki-chan!

3. Kinuta http://www.kinuta.com/

All of these are wild yeast breads. Very tasty.