Dec 17, 2007

Today's Mt.Fuji

What a fantastic view!


Cérepedra said...

Hello!My name is Luís,i`m a brazilian guy who lives in Japan for about 8 years at Gifu Ken.I went some times to the Mt. Fuji area but never climb that. I just went to the Fuji Safari and to Fujikyu Highland.I hope to climb it next climbing season.
Sorry for being an intruse, but i was researching about Aokigahara Jukai and it`s misteries so the google showed me up your blog and i couldn`t resist to comment about your beautifull photographs, it was also very good to learn about the beauty of Aokigahar Jukai.Congratulations!

miko said...

Thanks for your comment. It's okay if you think Aokigahara Jukai is mysterious place, because it's true. Some people feel bad when they enter there. On the other hand, many people enjoy nature walk inside the Jukai. I just wanted to show how beautiful it is. Things always have both a good side and a bad side. If you have a chance to come here to climb Mt.Fuji, please enjoy the growing nature around Jukai, too!